Custom Millwork

Custom Millwork


Our expert craftsmen and woodshop are not limited to doors and windows. We offer a full line of products including louvers, cupolas, shutters, saddle racks and tack accessories. Our team will work with you so you have everything you need once your project is complete.



Beechdale Woodworks wooden windows are surely eye-catching and built to last. Whether you’re looking for painted windows, stained windows or maybe more of a natural look, we can build custom wooden windows to fit any project or need.


Louvers are an excellent addition to any barn, garage or home! Custom louvers are great for ventilation purposes and are also very eye-catching as well. Handcrafted out of solid wood, our louvers are second to none.


Cupolas are the perfect way to cap off your custom structure.

Saddle and Tack Accessories

Beechdale Woodworks’ custom wood Tack Boxes, Tack Lockers, Feed Bins, Saddle and Bridle Racks are handmade using quality materials and designed to suit each customer’s individual style! We take pride in each product being custom-made so that no two are the same.


Enhance your curb appeal with uniquely designed, high-quality wood shutters. Choose from fully functioning to stationary options along with hardware to match your property.